Miso Hungry Ramen Shop will be serving up

Japanese Ramen and Roasted Sesame Salad

We are excited to have Jordan and Momo from Miso Hungry Ramen Shop come to the Craftsbury General Store with their dazzling food truck to serve up authentic Japanese Ramen!

All Ramen are served with Momo’s Authentic Bone Broth (ingredients: pork, chicken, apples, lots of veggies), Braised pork belly, fresh veggies, ramen noodles, and a teriyaki marinated soft boild local egg.

The three soup based selections are Miso, Spicy Miso, and Shoyu (roasted sesame soy).

They will also be serving our Roasted Sesame Salad served with a full egg, sun burst cherry tomatoes, chilled red onions baby arugula, sweet mixed peppers, and a miso-ginger pork ball.

Call 802-586-2440 to reserve your dinner!

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